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Intake Mod

Crankcase Ventilator (Breather Valve)

Power Gain : 1hp


This is a minor mod. I did it because I needed to. When you replace the filter with a K&N, the tube sending the unused air from the crankcase has no place to attach to in the intake. The use is to recycle the unused air. Since there is no place to attach it, something must be done. I bought a long hose from an auto store and ran it to under my battery. To the other end I attached a K&N Crankcase Ventillator ($15.00) that I bought at an auto parts store. It doesn't really do anything productive, but keeps the intake running cleaner and smoother.


Buy a crankcase ventilator from a speed shop, or auto parts store. Simply attach the ventillator directly to the nozzle coming off the crankcase.