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Cap + Rotor

Distributor Cap + Rotor

Power Gain : 3hp


This is a good mod to do. It replaces the old cap + rotor with a new performance one. I used Bosch. Basically, the way it works is the rotor spins, giving out the spark. The performance ones spin better, easier, and faster. It makes the car idle better, accelerate smoother, faster, and quieter, and makes the engine run better overall.


Remove the wires. Make a mark or list, so you know EXACTLY which wire goes where on the new cap. Use a screwdriver and remove the two screws holding the cap onto the car. Remove it. The rotor is the little spinny thing there. Remove that, making sure to pay attention exactly which direction the old one was pointing, and put the new rotor in the EXACT same place that you took the old one off (make sure it points the same way). Then replace the cap, and re-screw it in. Replace the wires, and viola!