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1. Whoever wants to start their local chapter of the TCCA, must first notify the club president and receive his/her permission.

2. The senior staff member of the local TCCA chapter will be named a regional director which will be appointed by the TCCA senior staff. A co-director will be apointed if the need arises.

3. The TCCA will still be the superior governing body of the local chapter and all changes and events must be reported and approved by the TCCA senior staff.

4. The membership details and applications will still be processed by the senior TCCA staff.

5. The individual chapters will be responsible for maintaining their own website and the regional director will be held accountable for all mis-information on the site.

6. The TCCA senior staff will make the final decisions on all issues unless vetoed by the TCCA advisors.

7. Ohh, and recruit new members, yeah!