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Accel Supercoil

Accel Supercoil

Power Gain : 1-2hp


This is a good mod to do if you have other mods already. With extra mods, the engine has to ignite the air/fuel mixture to produce the power. The problem comes when you have many mods, and the spark isn't powerful enough to fully ignite the mixture. The aftermarket coil produces more power to fully ignite the spark. The results are noticeable.

Message From Brian K. on the Taurus Performance Message Board

I've heard about 2-3 hp would be a good estimate if not more. All I know is that pre-accel no chirp whatsoever. Post-accel, I can chirp tires.

Installation Instructions Courtesy of Brian K. on the Taurus Performance Message Board, with some clarification by me:

1) Unlpug neg cable on battery so you don't fry your ass.
2) Unplug the wire that runs from the old coil to the top of the distributor cap.
3) Undo the 4 screws bolting the old coil in.
4) Take out old coil.
5) Splice the red wire into the + terminal on the unit, and the green into the - terminal.
6) Screw in the new unit. You will have to strap or bolt it in somehow. I used wire to bolt mine in.
7) Re-attach the wire to the distributor cap.

Start car to make sure it works. The difference between the coil and the MSD-6A ignition for example is that the MSD-6A
provides 3 sparks instead of one through the coil so that at higher RPM's less chance of a misfire, but our cars already
have a multiple spark discharge system.

NOTE FROM ME: I noticed nothing right away. It smoothed out my idle alot. It wasn't until I went to work the next day that I noticed the extra power at the higher RPMS.