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Exhaust Mod

Custom Dual Exhaust With Another FlowMaster Straight Pipe Resonated Glasspack Muffler

Power Gain : 3hp


This is another major mod. It makes the car look more powerfull, because there is another exhaust tube coming out. It makes people wonder "hmm.. SHO? v8? hmmm.. what IS that?" Since I got my dual exhaust put on, more people have asked me what kind of car it was, than with the single. It's nice. The dual exhaust allows the exhaust to flow more freely that the single exhaust allows, allowing again, more horsepower. The exhaust work reduces backpressure (the more free-flowing the exhaust, the lower the backpressure is.) By doing these mods, your acceleration from a stop will be a little slower, but once the RPMs get fired up, you take off. It's neat. I raced my friend Robbie in his 93 Taurus with a 3.0 like mine (he has only a K&N filter), and he beat me off the line, but once my 1st gear reached about 3000 RPMs, I took off and left him sucking my exhaust gas. It is really a great mod. Another cool part is that the second resonated muffler (identical to the first), makes the car sound even nicer.. It's an angry roar in STEREO!


I took my car to MD Muffler. He charged me $200 to put the single exhaust/muffler on.

I again took my car to Maryland Muffler, and had the guy do all the work for me. He was interested in this, because he said he had never done a job like this. He charged me $80 this time because he said he wasn't sure how he would do this. That made me happy. I told him to just take his time, and not blow my car up. He laughed and got to work. Basically what I did, was have him cut a hole in the exhaust near the rear of my car, and run a 2nd tube over to the other side, and slap a muffler on it and then mount it. It took him about 2 hours, and I was ready to go again.