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First off, I have to give the credit for this to, but since their site has been down a while, I am publishing the pics and info. You can easily ruin your taillights this way. Be careful! I take NO responsibility for something you might do to your car. This is ONLY information. I take no responsibility for your actions. Don't do this unless you are confident, or have a spare set of taillights laying around. This mod worked on my Saturn when I had it, and it will work on the Taurus. The red coating is a thin layer of plastic inside the light, which can be removed!


Clear Plexi-Glass - $30.00 from hardware store
Office Lighting Cover - $10.00 from hardware store
Silicone Glue - $10.00 from hardware store


Clamps - $?? from hardware store
Dremmel Tool - $50 from hardware store
Screw Driver - $1 from hardware store

Take off your lights and get rid of the red stuff. Break it off carefully.

This is a good job. Notice how the red part is intact?

Put in a dust free box, and spray paint it with the MOST reflective stuff you can get.

Buy this stuff that covers the lights in offices. The long lights. This is the plastic thing. I think the lights look fine without it, but if you want something "different", go for it.

Nice fit. This is a good cutting job.

Make it cover the parts where the glue can show, so it looks clean! You know, the parts where the glue will touch the light housing when you clamp the lights shut for 24 hours to dry.

Now, clean the lights with alcohol, and dry it off with a paper towel (no lint). Then glue with the silicone glue and clamp 'em for 24 hours or more.

You can stop here, or go for the added "office light" touch. Use some glue, and glue the office light part on.