How To Donate

How to donate to the TCCA

The Taurus Car Club is run out of a love for the car. To do this, I put some of my money up for various items. To take some of the financial burden off of myself, I have decided to accept any donations offered. Any donation amount is gladly welcome. Anyone who decides to donate will get their name on the TCCA Donations page. If you wish to remain anonymous, or the amount donated to remain anonymous, it is not a problem. Any member who donates $10.00 or more, will receive their own email address for life, as well as other "special" perks that I will pass on as they come my way.

As the TCCA is a non-profit organization, all funds raised will be used for TCCA business.

Some of these costs include:

  • Funding the domain
  • Funding the free lunch on Sunday of the TCCA meet
  • Funding for a discounted or free admission to the drag races at the TCCA meet
  • Funding for renting a dynomometer for power testing at the TCCA meet
  • Funding for companies who wish a retainer to design performance applications
  • Funding for prizes, giveaways and rewards to TCCA members for various items

    To donate to the TCCA, please send a check or money order (no cash please) to:

    June H. Han
    3839 Aikenside Ave.
    Cincinnati, OH 45213

    Please include a note stating what you would like your email address to be (if applicable) and if you would like to remain anonymous. Please also include your email address and full name so I can email you upon receipt of the donation, and post you on the donations page.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    June H. Han
    [TCCA President]