Well, the TCCA has done it again! Due to the increasing demand for taurus performance parts and discounts, one of the largest autopart/peformance manufacturers and sellers in the world, NOPI has given the members of the TCCA a 5% discount on all orders! Here is the information.

Correspondence between TCCA and NOPI


From: "Bill Garrett" (
Subject: Re: Club Discount
Date: Tues, 12 Sept 1999 12:33:02 -0600

Hello. My name is Bill Garrett. I am the president of the Taurus Car Club of America. Would there
be any way to workout a special deal for the members of my organization? We currently have about 75
members, growing constantly. The club was formed about 2 weeks ago, so it is relatively new. Any
information you could give me would be extremely appreciated!


Bill Garrett
TCCA President


And this is the response I got from NOPI.


From: "NOPIMAN" (
To: "Bill Garrett" (
Subject: Re: Club Discount
Date: Mon, 4 Oct 1999 10:22:39 -0700

Sorry for the delay in responding. We are overwhelmed with email and phone
calls so we are trying to update our site to make it more
a live look-up-yourself catalog, chat rooms, message boards, photo and movie
gallery and alot more cool stuff.
In the mean time NOPI would like your club's business and will offer a 5%
discount on merchandise any of your club members order if they mention they
are with the Taurus Car Club of America, and ordering off the Internet.
Please call Sting at 888-266-nopi (toll free) or Jumbo Jimbo at 800-344-0938
or Detective Charles G. at 877-700-nopi (toll free) or Cool Daddy Clint at
800-277-nopi ext 278 be sure to tell him "NOPIMAN sent ya" and that you are
calling from the Taurus Car Club of America on the Internet!!!!

Thank you for everything!!!!



This is wonderful news! Click Here to go to Nopi's site, and start browsing now!