3.0 Vulcan Performance Intake Order Sheet

3.0 Vulcan Performance Intake Order Form

So, you want it too huh? I don't blame you.

The system is a direct fit on ALL 1986-1990 3.0 Vulcan engines.
The system will work on ALL 1991-1995 3.0 Vulcan engines with a MAF system, but a mounting bracket is needed to bolt up to the MAF meter. I can't get those for you, sorry. Here's the note from Brian Skouby again:

On the second generation 3.0L we have the crankcase ventilator line running
into the intake tube between the throttle body and the MAF. We also have a
vacuum line running from the other side of the tube into the cruise control
servo unit. I detached my lines and placed individual breather elements (like
the K&N crankcase ventillators mentioned on this page) on already. Others
will need to do the same thing. They can't leave those open.

The system will NOT work on 3rd gens at all. The battery must be moved, or downsided, and a mounting bracket is needed to bolt up to the MAF sensor.

When you are ready to order, do the following :

1) Send Me An Email telling me exactly what you are ordering. I will get back in touch with you.


The day the payment arrives to me in the mail, I will send you an email telling you that I got it. If you would prefer a telephone call, put that in the note you send me.

If the payment arrives on a weekday, I will call Craig (my contact), and tell him to get me another kit ready. I told him to make up 10 kits to have ready. So the first 9 people that get to me will have a kit mailed to them within 1 week (I have work + school every day, so my time is tight).

If the payment arrives on a weekend, I will call Craig and leave a message telling him to get the kit ready for me to pick up the next day.

If you are not one of the first 9 people to get the kit, more should be made shortly after all the original 10 are gone. I was guaranteed that the kit would be ready to be given to me within 3 days of my contacting them, so your turnaround time will be 1 to 1 and a half weeks.

As SOON as I ship out the package, I'll email or call you on the phone (stated in the letter you send me), telling you it was shipped, and giving you the UPS Groundtrak Number so you can track it.


3.0 Vulcan Intake Kit : $40.00

K&N Cone Filter : $40-70
Note: It is better if you get your own K&N, as the
place I go to has varied stock. If you really want me
to get it for you, I will, but send me $70 in case the
only filter they have with the 3" inlet is the bigger
one. The smaller the filter, the cheaper, but make sure
the inlet is 3 inches in diameter. I will get the cheapest
filter available, and send you a receipt of the K&N with the
extra money you sent.

K&N (Or other brand) Crankcase Ventillator : $25
Note: Again, I recommend you get your own from an auto store.
Most places will order them for you. Plus, the only store around
here that has them in stock is expensive. It'd be cheaper for
you to order it at the same time you order from me, so they both
arrived to you at the same time!


Please write clearly.

Make sure to check which parts you want to order.

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Name : _______________________

Address : ___________________________


City, State : __________________________

Zipcode : __________________

Email Address : ___________________________

Telephone # : (_____) _________-__________

When I contact you after I send it, do you want me to do it via:
---Check One---



If nothing is checked, I'll do it via email.


3.0L Vulcan Intake Kit ($40.00) _____

K&N Cone Filtercharger ($70.00) _____

K&N Crankcase Ventltr. ($25.00) _____



GRAND TOTAL : ___________