White Gauge Install Instructions


First, you need to download the .jpg file. Then edit the file and change it however you want. I like the Vulcan 3.0 V6, but you can make it whatever. Then either keep the TURBO button on there or make something else. My car didnt have anything there, there was no light behind it.


Load the picture in a graffix program. Get a sheet of paper that is 8 1/2 x 14", I believe it's called Legal Paper. It's longer than normal paper. In the graffix program, change the page layout so that the image is printed sideways (so it fits the whole thing on a piece of paper). Print it.


Using an exacto-knife or razorblade, cut out the black blotches where the needles and numbered readouts for the odometer and so on are. Make sure you do it nice and neat. Get a piece of extremely thin, yet solid and darkly colored plastic. This can be gotten from most hobby shops or craft stores. Make sure you can cut it with the razor or exacto-knife. Cut it in the EXACT shape of the new white gauges. Using double sided tape, tape several parts of the paper to the plastic. Once its anchored well, take the dash piece to an office store, like Staples or wherever has a laminating device. Have them laminate it. Cut the holes out where the laminate went over it.


Remove the dash by removing all the bolts (many). Remove the bolts holding the dash unit into the car. On the left side, behind the console is a plug. Disengage it by pressing the clips, and pulling out. In the middle is the speedometer cable. Unscrew it. Then remove the bolts holding the plastic cover onto the dash unit. Remove the plastic cover and take the dash out. The black gauge panel peels right off. Be careful not to break or damage the needles. Installation is opposite of extraction.