3.0 Vulcan Performance Intake

3.0 Vulcan Performance Intake


The intake is better than most home-made systems because most systems use stuff like dryer duct or whatever. These systems are bendable and flexable, and to do this, they have little rippled bends in the tube all over. This is restrictive. The system I had made is free flowing, as the tube is smooth inside, so the air flows ALOT better.

The system is a direct fit on ALL 1986-1990 3.0 Vulcan engines.

The system will work on ALL 1991-1995 3.0 Vulcan engines with a MAF system, but a mounting bracket is needed to bolt up to the MAF meter. I can't get those for you, sorry. Also, note this from member Brian Skouby :

On the second generation 3.0L we have the crankcase ventilator line running
into the intake tube between the throttle body and the MAF. We also have a
vacuum line running from the other side of the tube into the cruise control
servo unit. I detached my lines and placed individual breather elements (like
the K&N crankcase ventillators mentioned on this page) on already. Others
will need to do the same thing. They can't leave those open.

The system will NOT work on 3rd gens at all. The battery must be moved, or downsided, and a mounting bracket is needed to bolt up to the MAF sensor.

By eliminating the restrictive factory air box, the TCCA Vulcan 3.0 intake and K&N Cone-Type filter allow a higher volume of air to enter the throttle body. The result is an increase in power and throttle response along with a wicked growl. This intake is easy to install extremely cheap! I am selling this kit for 80 cents over what I paid for it because its easier to round up. I believe in helping others and sharing good fortune. This qualifies as good fortune! Ask people like Kevin Oneal, my vice president. I helped him several times do routine maintenance and performance mods to his now beastly 3.0! Now for the good stuff:

NOTE: To make use of this product, removal of the stock airbox is REQUIRED.

This kit is NOT the high shine, chrome, professional kit you see in the rice-mobile Hondas, and stuff. This is a Mandrel Bent Steel tube, nice and smooth inside, for increased airflow and performance. The finish on it is non-existant. There are several finishes optional for a fee. The intake tube comes off the throttle body, and aims down towards the battery. If the K&N filtercharger you have now is LONGER than 8 inches from the tip to the end where the clamp goes, it WILL NOT WORK! You need a shorter filter. Mine is 8 inches, and is a tight fit. The clamps act to securely hold the unit onto the throttle body. No mounts are required. The kit costs me $39.12 from the manufacturer. I am selling it for $40.00! That does NOT include shipping and handling. I will ship ONLY UPS ground. That means, it'll be another $20.00 for shipping (it's a bulky package). The total for the unit shipped to you is $60! The normal cost of a "professional" intake is $150-$180. That is outrageous! The parts cost us $40, and they mark it up 2-3 times its cost! What a ripoff!

This kit includes :
Mandrel Bent Steel Intake Tube
All The Clamps Needed
Insulating/Sealing Tape (chrome)
Installation Instructions

Other Parts Needed:
K&N Cone Filter
K&N (or other company) Crankcase Ventillator
Pliers (To Tighten Intake-to-Throttle Clamp)
About 30-45 Minutes

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